[Hao Ge Men] Wide Vermicelli Noodles Self Heating Hotpot - MOQ: 20 Units

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What it is: Wide chewy noodles with rich hotpot flavors.

Why it's unique: 

  • The perfect chewy texture and rich hotpot soup make this a satisfying meal.
  • Chewy and springy noodles are one of the best points of this dish.
  • It's convenient for an anytime-anywhere meal. 

Product Specification:

MOQ 20 Units
Price Per Unit 5.56 MYR
RRP 9.94 MYR
Net Weight 292g
Gross Weight 440g
Packaging Type Bowl
Shelf Life 9 Months
Storage Type Cool and Dry Place
Product Origin Chongqing, China
Main Ingredients Noodles, Sauce packet: Vegetable oil, beef tallow, chili peppers, Pixian broad bean paste, sugar, sesame seeds, spices, salt, yeast extract, food additives (disodium 5'-ribonucleotide).
Chinese Name 自热火锅宽粉
SKU T4-201

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