Wholesale Condiments Hotpot Sample

Wholesale Condiments Hotpot Sample

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Interested in selling these products but want to get a taste first? Simply order a full-sized sample bundle set (worth over RM50) and we will have them delivered to your doorstep.

Products included in the bundle:

  1. Tom Yum Goong Hotpot Soup Base (冬阴功汤火锅底料一人锅)
  2. Tomato Flavor Hotpot Base (For Individual Hotpot) (番茄风味火锅底料一人锅)
  3. Chicken Soup Flavor Hotpot Base (For Individual Hotpot) (田园鸡汤风味火锅底料)
  4. Spicy Red Chili Oil (红油辣子)
  5. Five Nut Crispy Pepper Sauce (五仁脆椒)

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