Protein Earth Onion & Gorgonzola Whole Grain Protein Chips 50g

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Why you should stock this

  • Can't stop snacking? Why not choose to snack in a healthier way with our protein chips instead
  • The chips are all roasted made with no frying involve
  • Snacks that contain protein will help keep you full longer. Protein-packed snacks often leave out the sugar, bad carbohydrates, and extra calories. A diet high in protein and low in processed foods can reduce body fat, lower cholesterol, and even help manage type 2 diabetes



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Protein Earth



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6.30 MYR

RRP Per Unit

8.90 MYR



Shelf Life

12 Months

Storage Type

Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight

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Product Origin

South Korea


Rice powder, separated soybean protein, whole wheat powder, corn powder, starch, onion seasoning (onion powder, sugar, refined salt), vegetable oil, sugar, powdered cellulose, gorgonzola cheese powder, refined salt

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