[BaZiWei] Tom Yum Goong Soup Hotpot Base (For Individual Hotpot) - MOQ: 30 Units

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What it is: Spicy and Sour Tom Yum Goong soup base.

Why it's unique: 

  • Like the original Tom Yum Goong, this soup base is both refreshing and spicy.
  • Add your favorite ingredients to the soup and enjoy!  
  • Good for individual portions. 

Product Specification:

MOQ 30 Units
Price Per Unit 3.71 MYR
RRP 6.21 MYR
Net Weight 100g
Gross Weight 150g
Packaging Type Packet
Shelf Life 9 months
Storage Type Cool and Dry Place
Product Origin Chongqing, China
Main Ingredients Tomato sauce, Thai-style Tom Yum Goong flavoring, vegetable oil, seasoning sauce, Chicken flavored seasoning, Vietnamese-style citronella sauce seasoning, fresh chili peppers, lard oil, lemongrass.

Food additives: d-sodium erythorbate, sodium diacetate.
Chinese Name 冬阴功汤火锅底料 一人锅
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