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Momo's Talk Miscellaneous Cushion Set B

Momo's Talk Miscellaneous Cushion Set B

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  • Twisted space: design elements like lines and irregular large color blocks are used to create a unique curvy shape with sunken edges which shatters the traditional square cushion concept. The black and white checkerboard element plus irregular edges build a space for infinite imagination.
  • Cream chocolate cushion: warm and comfy spiral-round material. The classic black & white color blocks create an elevated sense of space, with cushions that keep dullness far from life.
  • Futon cushion: the round futon cushion is simple and versatile. The soft fabric offers cozy support and brings an even more enjoyable life at home.
  • Triangle cushion: The adorable black and white polka dot design is both intriguing and dramatic and will never go out of fashion. Chic and warm, this design brings an happiness and excitement to your home.
  • Round cushion: the unique middle hole design gives this cushion a handle, adding a fun factor to the home décor and making your home lively and dynamic.




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