CTN [Pororo] Wholesale Grape Flavor Juice - MOQ: 24 Units (1 Carton)

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What it is: Non-carbonated grape juice drink

Why it's unique: Grape fruit juice for kids with non-artificial colors and food preservatives. Packaged in an eco-friendly tetra-pack that helps to maintain the beverage in its original taste and nutrition. The perfect drink for your kid

Product Specification:

MOQ 24 Units (1 Carton)
Selling Price Per Unit 2.98 MYR
RRP Per Unit 3.90 MYR
Net Weight Per Unit
Gross Weight Per Unit 250g
Packaging Type Packet
Main Ingredients

Filtered water, high fructose corn syrup, red grape juice concentrated, sugar, skim milk powder, citric acid, pectin, artificial flavor(grape), refined salt, sodium citrate, other processing goods, sucralose

Shelf Life 12 months
Storage Type Cool dry place 
Product Origin South Korea


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