Collection: Wholly Grail


    • Our choices have a massive impact on us. Our health. Our environment. On other humans. We need better information so we can make informed, conscious, better, choices.
    • But that's not the way the world works. We're overwhelmed with information that a business or brand has paid for, - the information they want us to know, in a world that typically moves pretty quickly.
    • It's like when my car needs work and I'm talking to the mechanic, or even when I'm talking to tech experts about digital and online stuff. I'm relying on them to give me the information I need. I listen intently, trying to work out what else I need to be asking about, because I want to make the right decision, the best decision for now, and for the longer term.
    • We're here to make the process easier for home and lifestyle products, because we use them all the time, and they have a massive impact on our health, our environment and on other humans.
    • Perhaps it's important for you to use truly natural products free from any synthetic chemicals, made with gentle processing techniques for a better quality product that's best for your health.
    • Or, you may already know that up to 90% of environmental damage occurs during the production and supply chain before a product even arrives to us - in the water that's wasted, the toxic waste that's leaked into the air, our waterways and soils. It may be important for you to use products at home that have minimal environmental impact, accredited by a globally renowned and recognised auditing process to give you confidence.
    • You may even be wanting to make sure you support small, local businesses, who employ locally and support the local community. And, for the things we don't produce locally, you know that supporting brands with a commitment to fair trade, ensuring living wages for the lives of people employed in farming, production and transport, is the only fair and respectful choice.
    • You may be focused on reducing your impact, living well, without a trace. Living a lifestyle that doesn't add to the environment's synthetic chemical load and products that can be composted after you've finished using them.
    • If any of these reasons, and especially if all of these reasons are on your radar when you're choosing products for you and your family, then we're a match!
    • These are all the reasons why we started Wholly Grail.