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    • Momo's Talk was founded by A Mo Ling, a food expert on Weibo who loves food and photography with more than ten years of experience and resources in the apparel fabric industry.
    • Beauty is eating and buying! In a boring life, dare to be more willing to be a fun person, do meaningful things, eat food that makes you happy, and buy quality things that you love.
    • It was A Mo Ling who wanted to explain it to everyone through Momo's Talk.
    • Home is the starting place of love & dream.
    • Momo's Talk has a certain position in the domestic original home furnishing brand.
    • Due to its own unique style, which is loved by consumers, some products have become the objects of imitation by peers and merchants. its Moroccan tufted collection It has been used by many celebrity studios; Internet celebrity homestays Airbnb; film and television works; fashion stores as soft decorations, and photography props for commercial advertisements.

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